Stamford A  market town in Lincolnshire, England.   Stamford, ville de marché, Lincolnshire, Angleterre.
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Latest: 16 12 04 A look back to a day in June 2003

  A few pics from this August - old pictures below as normal
Face in the pub update
Top of Blackfriars Street
Last Man
Sheep Market - victim of vision?
School hols - all quiet
Café society

Latest: 20 05 04  Two contributions from Ian Hensman - can you help identify the event taking place in Red Lion Square for him? 

Stamford is one of the finest stone towns in the whole of England - just follow the links below to see more of Stamford.

 I am gradually adding to this site by putting a few words to each picture  - words about the past mainly and what it was like to grow up in Stamford - a unique stone town on the borders of Rutland, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. I have also added a page about Mary Ann Scholes 1800-90, a woman who lived to a ripe old age despite several tradgedies in her life, also some interesting material from newspaper cuttings of 1928, concerning her son James Fuller Scholes - a very colourful character in his day.
I hope I can capture the spirit of my home town for your enjoyment. There is a tangible sense of history as you walk around Stamford: there are buildings that date from many of the important times in English history. To-day's Stamfordians are very  much part of the modern world but they look to their past and their well preserved town with a sense of pride. As the signs say at the entrance to the town: "Welcome to Stamford, please stay a while amidst its ancient charm."

Stamford est l'une des plus belles villes de pierres en Angleterre ! Suivez les liens ci-dessous pour découvrir la beauté de Stamford.

En ce moment, je regrette d'avoir seulement quelques paragraphes français à vous présenter, mais j'espère en ajouter de nouveaux, lorsque le temps me le permettra.

Sur cette page, j'ai commenté chaque image de quelques mots, principalement au sujet du temps passé et de mon expérience de grandir à Stamford. J'ai ajoutéégalement quelques commentaires d'autres personnes qui ont un lien direct avec Stamford - une unique ville de pierres située aux limites de Rutland, Cambridgeshire et Nothamptonshire. Je parle aussi de quelques faits relatifs à Mary Ann Scholes 1800-1890 - une femme qui a vécu jusqu'à un âge avancé, malgré les événements tragiques de sa vie - et finalement, quelques articles intéressants tirés des journaux de 1928 concernant son fils, James Fuller Scholes, un personnage très coloré de cette époque.

J'espère avoir réussi à capturer un peu l'esprit de ma ville natale - pour votre plaisir - et de vous avoir fait découvrir l'ambiance historique qui règne à Stamford. En effet, on peut y admirer plusieurs édifices qui témoignent des époques importantes de l'histoire anglaise. Il ne fait aucun doute que les citoyens actuels, les Stamfordians, font partie du monde moderne tout en regardant leur passé et leur ville - en bon état de conservation - avec un sens de fierté bien légitime. "Bienvenue à Stamford, ville historique, pour un petit séjour au milieu du charme antique de ses murs."

Je tiens à remercier mon amie Diane, Mon jardin, été 2000, pour son aide avec mes textes en français.

    The Albion Public House
    All Saints' Brewery
    All Saints' from south side of Red Lion Square
    All Saints'  from Broad Street
    All Saints' - Rainbow
    All Saints' - Twilight
    The most beautiful stone town in England - by Rex Needle
    Bastion on West Street
    The Bath House
    Burghley Almshouses
    Burghley House
    Burghley Lane - gate to the park
    Burghley Park - Looking towards Stamford
    Burghley Park - Looking towards Stamford 2
    Broad Street - looking down from the Lord Burghley Public House
    Broad Street - looking up from Browne's hospital
    Broad Street - menacing clouds
    Bus Station Cafe
    Castle Dyke
    The Central
    Clock House, Scotgate
    Coat of Arms
    Corner of All Saints' Street
    Corner of St George's and St Leonard's Street
    Crown Hotel and Periwig Public House
    Classical columns on the former Stamford Hotel
    4 Churches from the meadows
    Dawn - from behind All Saints'
    The Donkey Steps
    Ducks on the Meadows
    Face in the Pub
    The George Hotel
    The George Hotel  2
   The George Hotel  - Looking to St Mary's
    St George's - The time
    St George's Square corner
    St George's Square
    St George's Street
    The Green Man Public House
    High Street
    High St Windows circa 1700
    House at junction of Wothorpe Road
    Inspector Morse - a Stamfordian
    John William Hensman 1867-1963
    King's Mill Lane
    Lincolnshire Poacher and Browne's Hospital
    The Lincolnshire Poacher
    Looking across the Meadows near King's Mill
   'What do I remember about Stamford?' By Ian Hensman
    Lunch alfresco - market day
    Stamford Market Day
    Stamford Market Day 2
    Stamford Market Day 3
    The Meadows - Summer 2001
            This page contains a poem by Stuart Brooks
    Melancholy Walk - towards Freeman's Cottages
    Melancholy Walk - towards the 3rd meadows
    Melancholy Walk - towards town
    Mid-Lent Fair - Photgraph by John Eaton
    Mid-Lent Fair changes skyline 2002
    Mid-Lent Fair 2002: bottom of Broad Street
    The Millstone Inn - Historic Signage
    Northumberland Avenue
    Peasant poet's favourite pub - Contains two poems by John Clare
    Pub sign
    Railway Station
    Red Lion Square - Clock and Window
    Red Lion Square - East Side
    Red Lion Square - Looking from Scotgate
    Red Lion Square - from tea room comfort
    Red Lion Square - Saturday market
    Red Lion Square - Saturday market 2
    Rutland Terrace
    Stamford from Easton on the Hill
    Stamford School
    Stamford School - chapel
    Stamford School - a chapel corner
    Stamford School - cricket pavilion
    St John's Lane
    St Leonard's Priory
    St Martin's High Street
    St Mary's from the Sheep Market
   St Mary's from the Town Bridge
    St Mary's Street & St Mary's Hill
    Shops on St Mary's Street
    St Paul's Street
    St Peter's Hill
   St Peter's Hill from All Saints'
    Silver Lane
    Sunday Papers
    Sunset on Stamford Meadows
    Town Hall
    Town Hall - Civic Regalia, contributed by Terl Bryant Mayor of Stamford
    Town Bridge
    Town Bridge 2
    Twilight Skyline
    The Vaults Public House
    Watery Work
    Wellington Lane
    Wothorpe ruins
    Wothorpe - Looking towards Stamford

    Some events in the Life of Mary Ann Scholes (nee Bacon) 1800-90
    The fate of convict 6827 Thomas Fuller Bacon
        Although the above page devoted to Mary Ann Scholes contains
        details of the crimes of Thomas Fuller Bacon, further research by
        Norman Scholes has unearthed enough material to warrant another
        page on the convict's fate.
  James Fuller Scholes -  Newspaper Articles from 1928 - illustrating
          an eventful life.  James was the son of Mary Ann Scholes

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