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The United Reformed Church

Mersey Synod: Liverpool District Council

Statistical Information

Number of churches  23  
Number of members 1194 ave. 51.91 per church
Average Sunday Attendence 1163 ave. 50.56 per church
Number of children 2030 ave.88.26 per church
Average Sunday Attendence 394 ave. 17.13 per church
Ministers in pastoral charge 14 (comprising 10 Stipendiary Ministers, 2 Non Stipendiary Ministers 1 Baptist Minister
and 1 Methodist Minister)
Special Category Ministers 1 (comprising 1 Stipendiary   Minister)


Highlights - Where are the growing Churches?
(figures based on 2000 & 2001 year books)

Church Membership Average Congregation Children in
St Stephen's Bootle +7.14% +3.45% up from   0 to 1
Blundellsands   +33.33%  
Eshe Road, Crosby     +33.33%
Caradoc   +9.52%  
Huyton     +31.25%
St Andrew's Douglas   +9.09%  
Ramsey   +3.90% +12.50%
Allerton     +0.88%
Earle Road +4.17%   +18.75%
St Columba, Hunts Cross     +50.00%
The Rock Church Centre +6.25% +17.39%  
Toxteth with Sefton Park   +2.70%  
St Stephen's Wavertree +6.12%    

Listing of all Churches
(click on underlined churches to view their website)

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Allerton United Reformed Church

  • Mather Avenue, L18 7HD
  • 0151 729 0199
  • Minister: Rev David Greenwood
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am & 6.30pm (on 1st Sunday of each month only)

Blundellsands United Reformed Church

  • Warren Road L23 6UA
  • Minister: vacant (Interim Moderator: Rev Robert Brown)
  • Worship: Sunday 10.30am

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Caradoc United Reformed Church

  • Seaforth Road, L21 4LB
  • Minister: vacant (Interim Moderator: Rev Kathy Bennett)
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am & 6.30pm

Chadwick Mount United Reformed Church
(joint pastorate with Westminster Road)

  • Everton Valley, L4
  • 0151 263 4037
  • Minister: vacant
  • Interim Moderator: Mr Malcolm Wands
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am

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Douglas, St Andrew's United Reformed Church

  • Glencrutchery Road, Douglas, Isle of Man
  • 01624 674738
  • Minister: Rev J Leslie Guthrie
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am

Earle Road United Reformed Church

  • Earle Road, L7
  • Minister: Rev Alison Hall                  
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am

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Eshe Road United Reformed Church, Crosby

  • Eshe Road, L23 7AR
  • Minister: Rev Keith Hulse
  • Worship: Sunday 10.30am & 6.30pm

Garston United Reformed Church
(joint pastorate with St Columba, Hunts Cross)

  • Garston Old Road, L19
  • Minister: Rev Heather Gabbott
  • Worship: Sunday 10.45am

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Huyton United Reformed Church
(joint pastorate with Prescot in the West Lancashire District)

  • Seel Road, Huyton, L36 6DG
  • Minister: Rev Barry Parker
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am & 6.00pm

Oakvale United Reformed Church

  • Edge Lane Drive
  • 0151 228 5235
  • Ministers: Rev Peter Beaman & Rev Neville Kuypers
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am & 6.30pm

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rankin.jpg (102853 bytes)

Rankin United Reformed Church, Norris Green

  • Lorenzo Drive L11 1JG
  • Minister: vacant (Interim Moderator : Rev Stuart Marsh)
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am

St Columba United Reformed Church, Hunts Cross (joint pastorate with Garston)

  • Hillfoot Avenue L25 0NR
  • Minister: Rev Heather Gabbott
  • Worship: Sunday 10.45am

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St James Church, Woolton
United Reformed Church and Methodist

  • Church Road South, Woolton L25 7RJ
  • Minister: Rev Bob Andrews
  • Worship: Sunday 10.45am & 6.30pm 

St Stephen's United Reformed Church, Bootle

  • 71 Bailey Drive, Bootle, L20 6EX
  • Minister: Rev Michael Marshall
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am

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St Stephen's United Reformed Church, Wavertree

  • Lance Lane, L15 6TD
  • Minister: Rev Kathie Bennett
  • Worship: Sunday 10.30am

Stoneycroft United Reformed Church

  • Green Lane, L13 7EB
  • Minister: vacant (Interim Moderator:to be appointed)
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am

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The Rock Church Centre

  • Whitefield Road, L5 6DW
  • 0151 260 1116
  • Minister: Rev Ian Ring
  • Worship: Sundays 11.00am
                             & 6.00pm (3rd Sunday only)
        Tuesdays 12.30pm

Toxteth with Sefton Park United Reformed Church

  • 6 Ullet Road L8 3SR
  • Minister: vacant (Interim Moderator: Rev David Greenwood)
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am

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Trinity United Reformed Church, Ramsey

  • Waterloo Road, Ramsey, Isle of Man
  • Minister: Rev Bruce Upperton
  • Worship: Sunday 10.30am

Trinity United Reformed Church, Walton

  • Rice Lane, L9 8BU
  • 0151 525 8768
  • Minister: vacant (Interim Moderator: Rev Michael Marshall)
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am

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widnes.jpg (94366 bytes)

Trinity Church, Widnes
United Reformed Church & Methodist

  • Peelhouse Lane, Widnes WA8 6TJ
  • 0151 420 7915
  • Minister: Rev Bob Anning
  • Worship: Sunday 9.15am (1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays only), 11.00am & 6.00pm

Waterloo United Free Church
United Reformed Church & Baptist

  • Crosby Road North, Crosby, L22 0LG
  • Minister: Rev Maragaret Arnold
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am & 6.30pm

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Westminster Road United Reformed Church (joint pastorate with Chadwick Mount)

  • Orwell Road, Kirkdale L4 1TE
  • 0151 922 2004
  • Minister: vacant
  • Interim Moderator: Mr John Yates
  • Worship: Sunday 11.00am & 6.30pm


Special Ministries

    Liverpool City Centre Ministry (part of ecumenical team)

    • Minister: Rev Alison Hall

    University Chaplain

    • The position of United Reformed Church chaplain to the universities is currently vacant.
      Students are invited to contact me (Ian Ring) by e-mail or on 0151 263 0156 or 0780 260 8626 and I will be available to help or to link them up with a local church.

Other Useful Information


            District President:                                Rev Leslie Guthrie
                District President Elect:                     Rev David Greenwood
            District Secretary:                              Mr Donald Pratt
            District Treasurer:                              Miss Muriel Proven
                   Convenor of Pastoral Committee:          Rev Leslie Guthrie
                   Convenor of Church Life Committee:     Rev Ian Ring
                   District Youth Secretary:                    Mrs Morna Maines
                   District Children's Work Secretary:    Mr Ian Taylor

District Council Meetings

Normally on the third Wednesday of alternate months, 7.30pm at a different church each time.   
   21st March 2001 at Huyton URC
    16th May 2001 at St James Church, Woolton
    25th July 2001
    19th September 2001 at Chadwick Mount URC
    21st November 2001 at Toxteth with Sefton Park URC

Other Important Dates

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