(14) Finding a normal vector

Here's the plane again with s and t being known vectors which lie in it.
finding the position vector of the point P
Working out the cross product of s and t will automatically give us a vector perpendicular to the plane in which s and t lie. This is the speediest method for finding a normal vector to this plane.
As an example, suppose s = 2i + j + 3k and t = 3i + 2j + 4k.
Then s x t = - 2i + j + k = N, a normal vector to the plane. (The working out of s x t is described at the end of the cross product section where I used the same vectors in an example there.)

It's also possible to find a normal vector by using the dot product. If we call the normal vector N, then N must be perpendicular to both s and t.

Therefore N.s = 0 and N.t = 0.
Now, using algebra it is possible to find an N which fits these two equations.
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