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      April 2003
      Anneli Drecker Tundra cd Anneli Drecker's, (singer from the Norwegian group, Bel Canto), beautiful vocals can be heard on a-ha's Lifelines album, homecoming live at Vallhall, Oslo DVD and How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head,

      Click here for a list of solo cds, collaborations and group albums.
      February 2003

      aha - new live CDa-ha - How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head
      New live CD album! Out 24th March 2003. Pre-order this limited edition now!

      buy: this site (uk)
      amazon.fr (france) - amazon.co.uk (uk) - amazon.com (us) - amazon.de(germany) - amazon.co.jp (japan)

    • Number of Discs: 2
    • Label: Wea International
    • Track listing: 1. Forever Not Yours, 2. Minor Earth, Major Sky, 3. Manhattan Skyline, 4. I've Been Losing You, 5. Crying In The Rain, 6. The Sun Always Shines On Tv, 7. Did Anyone Approach You?, 8. Swing Of Things, 9. Lifelines, 10. Stay On These Roads, 11. Hunting High And Low, 12. Take On Me, 13. The Living Daylights, 14. Summer Moved On, 15. Scoundrel Days, 16. Oranges On Appletrees, 17. Cry Wolf, 18. Dragonfly, 19. Time And Again, 20. Sycamore Leaves, 21. Video Track

    • Album details:
      a-ha's first live album was recorded during their 2002 Lifelines World Tour. They were supported by their great backing band: Anneli Drecker on backing vocals, Sven Lindvall on bass, his brother Per Lindvall on drums and the third swede, Christer Karlsson, on keyboards.

      "The process, from when the tour was over, to listening to the tracks, and then to the final mix, was very quick," Magne comments. "We didnít overdub any parts - the final product is 'all natural', warts and all."

      With theis double album, almost all the songs from the shows are included. The main selection was taken from a few shows where the sound was good. Part of it is from Wembley Arena, which was a highlight for the whole band...and Morten's voice is still as crystal clear and strong as ever.

      This limited edition double album cd features 20 tracks and enhanced behind-the-scenes footage recorded by Lauren Savoy during the months of September and October 2002.

      February 2003
      a-ha - Sun Always Shines on TV
      Classic a-ha now on a CD single! Out 10th March 2003. Pre-order this now!

      Buy at Amazon.co.uk (UK) by clicking here

      a-ha hunting high and low poster Just In!
      a-ha - hunting high & low

      UK Poster

      click here to view a larger scan of the poster
      24 by 16 inches...$13.99

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      aha Did Anyone Approach You CD

      a-ha Wares:
      Morten Harket - Poetenes Evangelium Rare a-ha CDs in stock! Buy the hardest to get solo releases including Morten Harket's Poetens Evangelium. Also, browse our extensive catalogues for regular releases at low prices & a-ha cd singles with rare live tracks. Please click here.

      a-ha Read all about the band & the band members. From the early years struggling to make ends meet in London, throught the days of being the number 1 pin-ups in the 80s and finally to where they are today, critically acclaimed and still a commercial power! Please click here.

      Morten Harket Releases:

      Morten Harket Vogts Villa CD

      aha news

      Catch the latest news! Learn about new releases as they happen, tour dates & much much more! Please click here

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    How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head
  • a-ha - how can i sleep with your voice in my head
    new live double cd album. 2003.

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    morten harket solo

  • morten harket - wild seed
    classic solo album. 1995.
    buy: cd (germany) - cd (us)

    japanese edition (+ bonus track)
    buy: cd (germany)


  • stunning cd single boxset:

    a-ha - minor earth, major
    4 cd boxset. 2001.
    buy: cd (germany)

  • new cd single:

    a-ha - did anyone approach you
    enhanced cd. 2002.
    buy: cd (us)

  • a-ha - homecoming
    live at vallhall. 2001.
    buy: dvd (uk) - video (uk)
  • a-ha - forever not yours.
    cd single. 2002.
    buy: cd (uk)
  • a-ha - hunting high and low.
    the perfect pop album. 1987.
    buy: cd (us) - cd (uk)
  • a-ha - lifelines.
    cd single. 2002.
    buy: cd (uk)
  • a-ha - lifelines.
    cd album. 2002.
    buy: cd (us) - cd (uk)
  • a-ha - minor earth major sky.
    CD single. 2000.
    buy: cd (us)

  • a-ha - minor earth major sky.
    critically acclaimed comeback import album. 2000.
    buy: cd (us) - cd (uk) -
    cd (us) (japanese + bonus trk)

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