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    • Morten Harket

      Morten Harket - New CD - 21st June 2004

    • buy morten harket  amazon Morten Harket: performs the song Gildas Prayer on a new album

      After two years of commuting between studios in London, Paris, Reykjavik and Oslo, the Mezzoforte drummer Gulli Briem has finally finished his project, the cd album Earth Affair. One special highlight on this album features Morten Harket performing the song Gildas Prayer.

    • Buy: Earth Affair (germany)

      Morten Harket - Biographical Notes

    • buy morten harket wild seed at amazonBorn: September 14th, 1959 in Kongsberg, Norway.

    • Marital Status: Morten was married to Swedish actress Camilla Malmquist from February 11th, 1989 - May, 1998. Divorced. now lives with Anne Mette Undlien.

    • Children: Morten has two sons and a daughter:
      - Jacob Oscar Martinius (May 14th, 1989),
      - Jonathan (December 30th, 1990)
      - Tomine (April 14th, 1993).

    • Resides: Norway.

      Morten Harket - C.V.

      morten harketAs a child Morten Harket was influenced by classical music. He later discovered rock music when he heard bands like Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, and the legendary Jimi Hendrix. By the age of 16, Harket had formed Soldier Blue, among other bands.

      By 1981, Harket had run into Paul Waaktaar and Magne Furuholmen and in 1983 they formed a-ha. Harket's voice attracted the attention of the former Bridges members, who made him the lead singer of a-ha. After their first hit Take On Me took off, which went to number one in the US, the band became one of the best selling bands of the 80s.

      Morten Harket - Wild Seed

      buy morten harket wild seed at amazonAfter the band split in the early 90s after the release of the album, Memorial Beach & a single, Shapes That Go Together for an album that never was, Harket embarked on a solo career.

      Wild Seed was released in 1995 and to date is his only English speaking solo album. This album became the most successful album of the year in Norway, selling over 200,000 copies. A beautifully crafted album, Harket with the Norwegian Poet, Harvard Ram created much of the music and contributed to the lyrics. This was something he rarely did with a-ha.

      buy morten harket wild seed at amazon Indeed, the finished piece was a work of art and could claim to be one of the best album releases of the 90s. For the most part, the lyrics and music fitted together so naturally with Harket voice capturing every flicker of emotion from the songs, that it could claim to be musical poetry.

      Wild Seed was all the more surprising by the fact that a-ha had never really let Harket explore his songwriting whilst they were active. It has to be said that to date the chief a-ha songwriter, Paul Waaktaar, has not delivered anything in his subsequent projects that compares to the quality found in Wild Seed.

      buy morten harket wild seed at amazonOutside Norway, the album fared less well. This has to be blamed on Harket's record company, Warner's, who did an appalling job in promoting it. In the UK, there was little radio play, the video for A Kind of Christmas Card rarely made it onto TV screens and in-depth reviews were hard to find. Consequently, the album made barely a flicker on the charts.

      Morten Harket - Other Solo Albums

      Poetenes EvangeliumWild Seed was sandwiched between 2 solo albums that Harket did in the Norwegian language & released only in that territory. The first, Poetenes Evangelium, released in 1993 saw Harket using the lyrics written by Norwegian post-war authors.

      Vogts VillaThe second, Vogts Villa was released in 1996 but sold poorly in Norway (less than 20000 copies were sold) and achieved only a number 21 position at its highest in the Norwegian charts.

      Harket also recorded a single, Heaven's Not For Saints which he sung at the Eurovision Song Contest when acting as a compere in the late 90s.

      buy morten harket wild seed at amazonThe year 2000 has seen Harket reform with a-ha and release a single, Summer Moved On and album, Minor Earth - Major Sky.

      The single, Summer Moved On, reached a high of only #33 in the UK charts in June of 2000; again the failure was solely the fault of Warner's and their lack of publicity.

      In September 2000, the boyband, A-1, reached #1 in the UK charts with their cover of the a-ha classic, Take on Me. This generated, in the UK at least, a resurgence in the bands back catalogue, and with the release of their new abum, Lifelines (2002), the band returned to UK shores for a sell out gig at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London and Wembley Arena.

      Harket lists his interests as drawing, painting, music, orchids and cars.

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    eil a-ha

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    How Can I Sleep With Your Voice In My Head
  • a-ha - how can i sleep with your voice in my head
    new live double cd album. 2003.

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    cd (france) - cd (uk) - cd (us)
    cd (germany) - cd (japan)

    morten harket solo

  • morten harket - wild seed
    classic solo album. 1995.
    buy: cd (germany) - cd (us)

    japanese edition (+ bonus track)
    buy: cd (germany)


  • stunning cd single boxset:

    a-ha - minor earth, major
    4 cd boxset. 2001.
    buy: cd (germany)

  • a-ha - homecoming
    live at vallhall. 2001.
    buy: dvd (uk) - video (uk)
  • a-ha - forever not yours.
    cd single. 2002.
    buy: cd (uk)
  • a-ha - hunting high and low.
    the perfect pop album. 1987.
    buy: cd (us) - cd (uk)
  • a-ha - lifelines.
    cd single. 2002.
    buy: cd (uk)
  • a-ha - lifelines.
    cd album. 2002.
    buy: cd (us) - cd (uk)
  • a-ha - minor earth major sky.
    CD single. 2000.
    buy: cd (us)

  • a-ha - minor earth major sky.
    critically acclaimed comeback import album. 2000.
    buy: cd (us) - cd (uk) -
    cd (us) (japanese + bonus trk)

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