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David Sylvian - detail from Trophies II

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David Sylvian - Related Artists

  • frankAUERBACH (painter)

  • b. 1931. One of the UK's top ten living artists, Frank Auerbach's work was used for the cover of Japan's early 80s live album and video, Oil on Canvas

    Auerbach's work can be seen at the Tate Gallery, London and at Marlborough Fine Art Gallery in London. Now an almost reclusive figure, living in North London and painting in his famously untidy studio nearby, his work is now acclaimed to the same degree as his friends, Lucian Freud and the late Francis Bacon.

    The Frank Auerbach Website has an exclusive interview with the great man , a CV & a print & book shop.

  • jeanCOCTEAU (painter/film maker/writer/poet)

  • (1889 - 1963). David Sylvian has been an admirer of Cocteau's work for nearly 20 years. References to Cocteau's work litter Sylvian's: Blood of a Poet (The Ink in the Well); Difficulty of Being (Red Guitar); Orpheus (Cocteau movie); Cocteau's voice on the soundtrack of Steel Cathedrals...

    Jean Cocteau forged long and highly acclaimed careers in many fields: painting, drawing, theatre design, novelist, poet, film director...the list is endless. And through a career that spanned two world wars & over fifty years, this Frenchmen worked with and became friends & enemies with the giants of 20th century art and literature: Pablo Picasso, Jean Marais, Raymond Radiguet, Paul Eluard, Andre Breton, Stravinisky, Erik Satie, Georges Auric...

    The The Blood of a Poet - The Jean Cocteau Website houses a shop online and looks at all aspects of his career.

  • amandaFAULKNER (painter)

  • b. 1953. David Sylvian used Amanda Faulkner's work for the cover of the mid-80s UK album cassette, Alchemy - an Index of Possibilities, the Japanese release of the same name, and the 12" release, Words with the Shaman.

    Faulkner's work is heavily influenced by South American Shamanism. She is one of the UK's leading female painters.

    Amanda Faulkner - In Praise of Shamans site house a comprehensive CV and a shop online.

  • yukaFUJII (photographer/designer)

  • Yuka Fujii has been working with David Sylvian for 20 years. Her photography was used for the Sylvian solo album, the 1984 Brilliant Trees cover, the 1987 Sylvian/Czukay album, Plight & Premonition & the famous Sylvian photograph from the 80s Japan single, . Her painting was used for the Sylvian/Czukay album, Flux & Mutability. Yuka has been art director on numerous Sylvian album & single covers. She has also worked with Peter Gabriel on the US artists exhibition in Japan.

    The Yuka Fujii site houses a comprehensive CV, exclusive interviw & prints & postcards for sale in the shop online.

  • mickKARN (bassist/sculptor)

  • b. 1958. Mick Karn was the bass player with Japan from the beginning in the mid 70s to their split in 1982. He also played with the ex-band members on the one off 1991 project, Rain Tree Crow. Since the band split he has had a rather patchy solo career and worked with Midge Ure of Ultravox, Peter Murphy of Bauhaus and has contributed as a sesion player on numerous projects. David Sylvian appeared as a vocalist on 2 tracks of Karn's album, Dreams of Reasons... and he has worked with the other ex-Japan members, keyboardist, Richard Babrbieri and drummer, Steve Jansen.

    As well as his musical career, Mick Karn is a talented sculptor who exhibited his work in London in the early 80s. The catalogue from that exhibition had a forward by Angie Bowie, ex-wife of David Bowie.

    In the The Mick Karn Sculpture Park, you can view many of the sculptures, read a biography on Karn and the Angie Bowie foreward.

  • jeanMARAIS (actor/artist/sculptor)

  • b. 1913 - 1998. Jean Marais starred as Orpheus in the classic Cocteau 1949 movie. The classic Sylvian track from the 1987 album, Secrets of the Beehive was no doubt partly inspired by him. The Smiths also used his image from the movie for one of their singles in the 1980s.

    Born in Cherbourg, northern France in 1913, he became one of France's most celebrated actors of the 20th century. Moreover, his name will forever be a huge part of the Cocteau mythology as well as starring in numerous Cocteau films he became the muse from which Cocteau created so many works of sublime art.

    The Jean Marais Website features a biography, filmography & features many of Marais' finest works of art.

  • angusMCBEAN (photographer)

  • b. 1904 - 1990. Angus McBean starred in the 1984 video for the David Sylvian single Red Guitar which ws directed by Anton Corbijn. Indeed the images from the video and the inlay photographs from Brilliant Trees were inspired by the surrealist photographs that were the trademark of McBean's throughout his long career. Morover, Sylvian was instrumental in helping to organise a exhibition of McBean's work which took place at the famous Japanese Parco store in the 80s.

    At the height of his fame in the 30s & 40s McBean photographed all the great names in theatre and cinema: Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud, Vivien Leigh...indeed, he played a part in kickstarting the career of a young actress whose photograph is now probaly his most famous piece: Audrey Hepburn.

    The Angus McBean Website features a biography and shop online.

  • russellMILLS (artist/illustrator)

  • b. 1952. Russell Mills has painted or deigned many of Sylvian's album and single covers. Starting with the Japan's best of album in the 80s, Exorcising Ghosts, his work was used for Gone To Earth(1986), Silver Moon(1986), Weatherbox(1989), & the Trophies I(1988) book cover. He designed the Dead Bees on a Cake(1999) album cover & Godman(1999) CD single cover as well as the Sylvian/Fripp live album, Damage(1993) He also released a CD boxset jointly with Sylvian, Ember Glance(1991); music for a joint installation that took place in Japan.

    Mills first came to fame with his work with Brian Eno in the 70s & their book collaboration, More Dark Than Shark. He has also illustrated numerous album & book covers for Eno, Eno's brother, Roger, Harold Budd, Nine Inch Nails; book covers include works by Samuel Beckett, Milan Kundera & Ian MacEwan.

    He has also made 2 albums in his own right, Undark & Pearl & Umbra which featured The Edge from U2, Peter Gabriel & vocal tracks by David Sylvian.

    The Russell Mills Website features a comprehensive CV. To check on items in go to the David Sylvian Megastore Online.

  • billNELSON (singer/guitarist)

  • b. 1948. Bill Nelson co-wrote with Sylvian the 1986 ambient track, Answered Prayers which appeared on the double album, Gone to Earth. He also appeared on the Rain Tree Crow project.

    Nelson has been one of the leading guitarists in UK music for the past 25 years. From his days with the guitar driven Be Bop Deluxe and the ambient music he released through his label, Cocteau Records, Bill has continued to experiment and move in different directions with his music.

    His latest album, Whistling While The World Turns(2000) is out on our own label, Lenin Imports.

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