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Plate I - Love Conquers All Things
Plate II - Growth
Plate III - Let Go
Plate IV - Idle Hands
Plate V - Self Control
Plate VI - Setis Verborum
Plate VII - A Substantial Breakfast
Plate XI - Responsibilities
Plate XII - Nutcracker Suite
Plate XIII - In A Crowd

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Plate IV - Idle Hands

Mick Karn Plate IV - Idle Hands

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Frank Auerbach
David Bowie
Jean Cocteau
Brian Eno
Amanda Faulkner
Robert Fripp
Yuka Fujii
Jean Marais
Russell Mills
Bill Nelson
Vaughan Oliver v23
Riuichi Sakamoto
David Sylvian
Hector Zazou

Mick Karn Sculpture Park

Mick Karn Sculpture Park

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