Khutbahs by Arshad Gamiet

Granada to Gibraltar: 800 years from Tariq to Boabdil

Accountability, in Iraq and elsewhere

Lailatul Qadr The Night of Power 2002

Dealing with Islamophobia

Information Jihad 

Rediscovering Islam

The Greatest Love of your life

Moulood Al-Nabi 

Ummah in Crisis

Dispelling Anxiety .... a discourse by Hakim ibn Hazm al-Andalusi

Lailatul Qadr 2001 ... Remember the Night of Power

Choices for Muslims in the West 

Blaming Islam for Terrorism

A Nation's Strength 

Death of Br Omar Tarhuni

Hajj...the outward and Inward Journey

Friends of Allah

Lailatul Qadr: The Night that Changed History

Allah's Help, and Palestine

A Sinking Submarine

The Power of Words

Beauty, in Form and Function

Recharging our Imán[Faith] on the Night of Power

Ramadhán, Millennium, Chechnya

Enduring Grief and Hardship

The Unprinted Qur'án

Scoring Goals, Setting Goals

Relations with Non-Muslims

Why should we strive for Excellence?

Our  Elusive search for   Unity

Human Rights, Human Wrongs

Alláh's Mercy

Seeking Wisdom

Reviving the Individual

Modern Man's search for Identity


Outer Qibla and Inner Qiblah

Loving Our Parents

Loving  Our Children

Spending for Allah


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