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Shallow Frying


Shallow frying is the cooking of food in a small quantity of pre-heated fat or oil in a shallow pan or on a flat surface (griddle plate).



There are four methods of frying using a shallow amount of fat or oil.






Examples of foods which you might choose to cook by shallow frying:

Eggs, e.g. omelettes;

Fish, e.g. sole, plaice, trout, cod, herring;

Meat, e.g. lamb noisettes, kidneys, beef Stroganoff;

Poultry, e.g. chicken saute chasseur, chicken parmentier;

Vegetables, e.g. onions, cauliflower, chicory;

Potatoes, e.g. saute, byron, macaire;

Sweets and pastries, e.g. jam omelette, pancakes;

Savouries, e.g. croque monsieur.



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