Hwoarang - Blood Talon

Nationality - Korea
Fighting style - Taekwondo
Age - 19
Height - 181cm
Weight - 68kg
Bloodtype - O type
Occupation - Leader of street swindler gang
Hobby - Sailing (his athletic ability is exellent)
Likes - Rock 'n roll and fighting (he is also good at arguing)
Dislikes - Mishima style Fighting Karate, Jin Kazama

One of Baek's student. He works exceptionally hard to be strong by practicing Taekwondo, but his true identity is actually the leader of a swindler gang which makes money from street fights. Fighting against large groups, he always make the fight a gamble. First by showing the opponent that his team is at a disadvantage by presenting one whose roll is to be defeated, then raise the ante. Finally, Hwoarang himself, the dealer, beats everybody up. Nobody knows how he spends his money. Until now, he has never been defeated before. The Mishima private army visited his hometown one day, thinking that they must not be good at all. Hwoarang set up things as usual. The one who fought against Hwoarang was a Japanese person called Jin Kazama. No conclusion was settled after the fight, and Hwoarang experienced the first "draw" in his career as a fighter.

Hwoarang went back to the gymnasium and told the humiliating incident to his master, Baek, and later they found that the martial art used by Kazama was Mishima Karate. Unable to accept the fact that he couldn't beat Jin, Hwoarang had been training himself hard everyday, but at the same time Master Baek disappeared because of Toshin's attack. He decided to attend the tournament in order to go after Toshin, also to show that the "draw" must be just an accident.

Hwoarang's Moves & Combos

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